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Engineering Department

The Norfolk County Engineering Department provides engineering and surveying services to the County and its Communities.


Department services include preparation of highway layouts, preliminary surveys for new layouts, setting of permanent monuments for control on previously laid out ways, and consultations with owners pertaining to land takings and proposed layout lines. The department assists the Massachusetts Highway Department and town highway departments during lay out and construction of county highways. The department reviews notices to the County Commissioners from the Massachusetts Land Court concerning parcels abutting County land and County highway layouts.


The Engineering Department provides services to County cities and towns on an on request/as available basis to supplement municipal engineering and public works resources for surveying, traffic counts, intersection design, and similar matters.


The list below identifies some of the Norfolk County Engineers' statutory responsibilities:

  • The layout, relocation, and discontinuance of highway
  • Alteration of railroad crossings, including layout of a railroad across a way or of a highway across a railroad
  • Surveys of town lines to replace monuments
  • Preparation and revisions to county maps
  • Drainage studies and easement plans for highway drainage
  • Maintenance of monuments, defining location lines of highways
  • Surveys and plans for the layout of rights of way


     Norfolk County Engineering Department, 649 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026
                               Telephone: 781-461-6128 Fax: 781-461-6148                                


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Engineering Department Records Access Officer

Joseph McNichols

County of Norfolk Engineering Department

649 High Street

Dedham, MA 02026






Norfolk County Commissioners
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Telephone: 781-461-6105
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