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Joseph Connolly
Joseph A. Connolly
Norfolk County Treasurer

The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection, custody and management all money belonging to the County government, and disbursement of those funds according to law. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping financial records, including bills, vouchers, and documentation of borrowings and debt, to be accessible for future reference.


The County Treasurer is an elected official serving a six-year term.  The present County Treasurer, first elected in 2002, is Joseph A. Connolly.


Treasurer Connolly has been at the forefront of developing and implementing cost saving measures to improve the economic efficiency of Norfolk County without compromising the provision of services.   


The Treasurer annually prepares and publishes a report of the County receipts and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year, stated as prescribed by the State Director of Accounts for the keeping of County Treasurers' books.


The Treasurer also acts as Chairman of the County Retirement Board.  Through innovative, sound business and investment practices, the Norfolk County Retirement System has realized a maximum return on investments, helping ensure retirement security for thousands of active and retiree members, including County employees and retirees, and those of nineteen member Norfolk County towns and twenty housing authorities and special districts.  In the time Treasurer Connolly has lead the Board as its chair, the assets of the Norfolk County Retirement System have increased from $330 million to over $725 million.

Norfolk County Treasurer's Office, 614 High Street
P.O. Box 346, Dedham, MA 02026
Telephone: 781-461-6110     Fax: 781-326-4527



Norfolk County Commissioners
614 High Street, Dedham, MA 02027-0310
Telephone: 781-461-6105
General Inquiries:
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